Upon draining the soul-fortifying, antioxidant-rich liquid found within a wine bottle, there are a number of things that instantly come to mind:

  • What time does the liquor store close tonight?
  • How hard could it be to DIY some wine right here, right now? I already have a pound of grapes in the fruit bowl. That should to the trick, right?
  • Could that dusty old bottle of red wine vinegar in the back of my cupboard taste almost as good?
  • Would it be inappropriate to knock on a neighbor’s door and ask to borrow a cup of wine?
  • If I played my cards right, maybe I could score freebie wine all night long by hitting up my neighbors just a few blocks over!
  • This is a cool bottle. I wonder what kind of crafty, cool way I can repurpose it?

Wine imbibing habits aside, sometimes you find yourself with a lot of empties piling up in the recycling bin, and while you know that you’re doing your part to green your little corner of the world by dragging them to the curb, you start thinking that… well… shouldn’t there be more to the story?

recycled wine bottles

After all, a wine bottle is a beautiful thing to look at. So sleek, elegantly designed and easy on the eyes. To contribute to its ultimate high-temperature execution in an industrial-sized cauldron with countless other post-consumer glass bottles almost seems like a pity. Granted, the glass recycling process ensures that such a precious resource stays out of our landfills, but there has to be a better way to help wine bottles live on.

Until we figure out how to implement a recycling system that maintains the structural integrity of perfectly good empties, sterilizing each bottle before finally sending them along their merry way to various different refilling facilities, we’ll continue doing the next best thing.

Crushed glass has proven to come in handy as the main ingredient in glassphalt pavement, tiles and kitchen countertops, but it is also quite commonly melted down, decolorized and molded into new beverage bottles.

Those who see a crafty opportunity do not have to take this sobering wine bottle reality lying down! Do your part for Mother Nature while honoring the creative spirit oozing from your pores by intentionally diverting your empty wine bottles from the collection bin. Take a few minutes to click on the DIY-inspired projects below and you’ll have all the eco-fodder you need to transform those empties into a gloriously new creations that will warm the cockles of your soul!

Architectural basics


Eco-friendly building material



Drinking glasses

Wine bottle stoppers

Soap dishes


Accent table

Wine shelf


Pendant lights

Table accent lights

Hanging tea light holders

Crushed stained glass night lights

Hurricane lamps

Elegant elongated chandelier

Passive-energy lighting fixtures

Lamp base



Mosaic skull

Decorative heart

Flower vases

Wine bottle candles

Green thumb tools

Herb growing kits

Garden edging

Instant potted plant waterer

Hydration system for outdoor gardens

Hummingbird feeders

Outdoor entertaining

Recycled wine bottle barbecue

Wind chimes

Garden screen


Belt buckles

Glitzy pendants

Dangling necklaces

Glass jewelry beads