Kingston® is doing its part to be a responsible environmental steward by creating and implementing environmental programs that have led it to become ISO 14001:2004 certified by an external registrar. Recycling programs implemented through certified recyclers:
  • The waste generated in Kingston’s manufacturing process, including the passive components, DRAM, PCB boards, plastics and cardboard, is recycled.
  • Kingston is an e-waste recycler. Its computers, monitors, mobile phones and other electronic devices are recycled.
  • Kingston also recycles universal waste, including batteries, fluorescent lights and paint.
  • Kingston is proud to be the first memory manufacturer to launch an electronics recycling program. Thanks to Kingston’s partnership with ERI® (Electronics Recyclers International, Inc.®), the largest electronics waste recycler in the U.S., you can recycle your computer memory, Flash drives, SSD drives and other electronics without worry.