About YPA

Originally founded in 1975 as the National Yellow Pages Service Association (NYPSA), the Yellow Pages Association® (YPA®) is the largest trade organization of a print and digital media industry valued at more than $27 billion worldwide. Association members include Yellow Pages publishers, who produce products that account for over 95% of the Yellow Pages revenue generated in the U.S. and Canada. Members also include the industry’s international, national and local sales forces, certified marketing representatives (CMRs) and associate members, a group of industry stakeholders that include Yellow Pages advertisers, vendors and suppliers. The Association has members in 29 countries. For more than a decade, the Yellow Pages industry has taken proactive measures to decrease our carbon footprint. We’re constantly working to transform and innovate our business so that we can continue supporting local businesses and consumers in the most environmentally friendly way. Below you can read about some of the tough questions we’ve faced in this mission, and how we’ve worked to answer them.

Did You Know?