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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find anywhere in my area to recycle a particular material. Where can I go now?

At RecycleNation.com, we strive to have the most comprehensive listing of recycling resources on the Web; however, we do not always have all the information available. Please utilize the governmental resources for your state listed in State Guidelines to determine if there is a solution in your area. If you are able to find a recycling center that accepts a specified material, please share that information with us so that the next person does not have to duplicate your efforts! Use the form at RecycleNation.com/contact to let us know about collection resources in your area that we don't yet have.

Where does your location information come from?

RecycleNation.com has entered into multiple agreements with large retailers, recycling location aggregators and private entities that specialize in green technologies and reuse. If the information that you are finding is not accurate or you know of additional locations in your area that are not listed, please let us know by filling out the form located at RecycleNation.com/contact.

What do you need in order to list my business?

RecycleNation.com's search function is based on a complex, tiered set of criteria. However, the two most important pieces of information are your specific street address and the materials you accept. You can start by completing the form at RecycleNation.com/contact/. Please look at the material subcategory listings on the right side of the page for each general type of material that your business can accept and let us know which ones you would like to be associated with. If there are restrictions within a category, such as the ability to accept only computer monitor shells with the CRT removed, or similar, please let us know. If your form is submitted without this information or our reviewers need more information to make your listing complete, you will receive an email from our Web team with a request for assistance.

Can I promote my event/cause/product/website on RecycleNation.com?

RecycleNation.com does enter into agreements with other entities to promote products and causes that we feel share our goals and values. We have multiple properties that may be great venues for promotion of these types of arrangements. Please submit a full description of your requested content by completing the form at contact form and we will have it reviewed.

My apartment complex/condo association/business does not recycle. What can I do?

In most locations, you will find that starting a community program is simply a matter of contacting your homeowners association, leasing office, human resources or municipal departments to find out what their policies are and how they can be persuaded to change them. If you are unable to compel the governing body to adopt a recycling program, you can certainly continue to collect your materials and deliver them to a drop-off location found on RecycleNation.com. Encouraging others to do the same may increase your leverage with the organization. To find out more about your local recycling regulations, check out our State Guidelines listings.