The ABC's of Recycling If you’re like me, you need things to be simple. Complexity is a huge road block for me when it comes to consistency. So, when my family moved to Tampa, we were hoping getting involved with recycling was going to be easy. Thank goodness it was! Each city has different ways to encourage citizens to recycle, so it may be a bit confusing if you’re new to the area or decide you want to start recycling, but here are a few ways Tampa has made it easy for you to get involved. The first step is to contact the Waste Management division of the city of Tampa at (813) 621-3051. Simply let them know that you want to start recycling. They will take your name and address and within one week they will drop off one green and one blue recycling bin. The green bin is used for plastic and aluminum, and the blue bin is for paper only. Don’t worry if you get the bins confused (like I do); they’ll take your recyclables as long as you separate them properly. Each week, on your trash day, a recycling truck will pick up your recycling items. All they ask is that you place your bins at your curb. Note that Tampa does not provide recycling for cardboard-based products. (I’m not sure if it’s too complicated or the city just doesn’t have the ability.) So, you can’t recycle your orange juice carton or your cereal boxes. Those have to be thrown out with the trash (it stinks, I know). Be sure to keep your items separated neatly or else your trash person may not take your items. Recycling in Tampa is pretty simple for residents. We’ve made it easy in our home by placing our bins next to our trashcan in our house. This way we won’t forget to recycle and it sends a nonverbal message to our guests to do the same. The city has made it as convenient as possible, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t start today.