AirFiltrationInTheHomeBack when my wife was pregnant with our first child, we read a few studies conducted by the EPA stating that air pollution is typically worse in the home than outdoors. We were shocked at our findings and quickly began to modify our lifestyle to keep our house filled with fresh air. Toxins from everyday products are simply recycled through our air conditioning unit back into our airtight house over and over again. You could be breathing toxic air and never know it. The best solution we found is airing our house out once a day for at least an hour. By doing so, we rid our home of any unwanted toxins and invite the pure, clean outside air in. Make sure you replace your air filter monthly and fill your home with plants. Plants naturally freshen the air, and they help to brighten up your home as well. As our lives have become more convenient, it seems they have also added to the pollution in our air. Sure, everything is more convenient, but now we’re left to deal with greater issues like air pollution in our homes. This is another reason why life was intended to be simple. Keeping the air fresh in your home doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Take time to change your filter and open your windows and doors daily to greatly improve your household air quality.