FromShoppingBag There’s a new trend in recycled handbags that I’m really excited about: crocheted plastic shopping bags. I know, crochet makes you think of your grandma, and plastic shopping bags makes you think of Walmart, neither of which is chic. But, I’m telling you, some of these bags are really cool. I’m not sure when or how this trend got started, but there are tons of these bags online these days. Some of them are a little frumpy looking, but some of them are pretty darn impressive — you wouldn’t even know many of them were made from plastic bags. Here are a few of my favorite specimens, from indie craft paradise Etsy:
  • Cara Taylor Handbags — amazing, colorful clutches and coin purses
  • Odpaam — I love the fringe effect and flowers (also, her shop’s name means “once again” in Hebrew — very appropriate)
  • Green Winkle — attractive, no frills shoulder bags
  • Bubblypop — adorable, small handbags with ribbons, flowers and wooden handles
  • Crafty Kathi — I can’t get enough of these fun tote and beach bags (she even manages to work in stripes!)
Most of the bags seem to be made using the same technique, which involves cutting plastic bags into thin strips, tying the strips together to make “yarn” and then crocheting the “yarn” with large hooks. They also seem to require far more patience than I possess, but if you’re of the crafty persuasion, here’s a tutorial and pattern for making your own bag.