ShouldWePhaseWhen it comes to electronics, I kick it pretty old school. I hate texting (just call me if you have something to say!), I still own a tube TV (my cable guy had to work his magic to hook me up) and the laptop I use to write is three years old. I’m not about to go and buy up the latest and most energy-efficient electronics when the products I currently own serve me just fine. As for conserving energy on these things, what’s a girl to do when she’s working with slightly dated stuff?
  • Laptops are more energy efficient than desktops and use 80% less energy. Even though I don’t leave my laptop perpetually plugged in, I keep it plugged in when using it instead of running it on its battery because energy gets lost while charging, storing the electricity and powering the battery. Using AC power is as much as 20% more energy efficient than using the battery. You can also change your energy settings to use the same amount of energy whether it’s plugged in or not.
  • By not keeping my cell phone charger plugged in constantly, I save 0.006 kW/hr every hour of the day. Charging your phone only uses 5% of the power it derives from the outlet, but leaving it in uses 95%. There are also solar chargers out there, which I may have to investigate.
  • A TV uses 90% of its power when it’s turned off, but still plugged in. I keep mine unplugged all day when not watching it. Newer isn’t always better: flat-screen LCD TVs hog up energy – 43% more than older tube sets.
So, I guess my old-school ways aren’t eco-unfriendly after all.