SodaCansBeing green means lessening your impact on the environment by purchasing products that do not create more waste. When the itch for shopping strikes, try buying new-to-you products made from recycled materials. One man’s junk may be another’s treasure, but we really dig products that have found a new meaning in life after a previous incarnation as a soda can. With accessories made from salvaged materials, you won’t ever have to worry about seeing them on anyone else. Check out these funky star earrings repurposed from Coca-Cola cans (Etsy, $4). Searching for kitschy refrigerator magnets? Look no further than this cupcake magnet made from recycled Dr. Pepper cans, or this Hello Kitty magnet constructed out of Red Bull cans (ArtFire, $4). What fashionista wouldn’t appreciate this fabulous clutch made solely from 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum tabs (WeeCanShop, $39.99)? It’s a green fashion “must.” Splurge on snazzy, recycled furniture for your digs with these modern stacking chairs manufactured from post-consumer soda cans and post-industrial manufacturing scrap (Emeco, $615-$1260). They do not emit VOCs and are said to last 150 years. Talk about green!