TheMostEnergy-EfficientLaptopsThe laptop made its big debut in 1983 as an exclusive commodity only for the world’s richest, top executives. The first laptop came onto the scene in 1979, but was only used by NASA for space exploration. Since 1983, the laptop has come a long way, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. The laptop computer is already more efficient than a desktop, so it makes a great choice from the get go. According to, the laptop computer uses of 50-80% less energy than a desktop, depending on the model. Here are some of the most energy-efficient laptops on the market: ASUS’ N Series LED These notebooks are rated as one of the most energy efficient available by EPEAT with a full LE3D screen. The laptop uses a hybrid engine that allows the computer to conserve energy and extend its battery life by 35%. It is Energy Star approved as well. Dell’s Latitude E4200 This laptop is the first generation of Dell laptops that are converting to LED screens, using more than 40% less energy than a traditional laptop screen. It is also recognized by the EPEAT and complies with Energy Star qualifications. The laptop is shipped in recyclable material and is made from environmentally friendly plastic materials. Apple’s MacBook Air For every Mac fan out there, the Air is the model for energy efficiency. This Mac comes in third place with EPEAT, but is Energy Star approved. It uses a LED screen as well, and the shell of the computer is 100% aluminum, making it recyclable. To make this notebook even more attractive to environmentalists, it reduced its packaging by 50%. There’s been word that many of the computer giants are working on hybrid laptops that use solar power to take a portion of the energy load. This modification would put laptop computers at the top of the energy efficiency all-star list for computers. Till then, buy smart for the environment and your wallet.