compost-handfulI’ll never forget the compost my father had in our back yard when I was growing up. My brothers and I took great joy throwing our extra food, grass clippings and other biodegradable items in the heap. We thought it was some sort of magic that turned it into dirt within a few months. Making a backyard compost is extremely easy and very enjoyable. Not only is it good for the environment, but it can also save you money on fertilizers and potting soil. Some of the best soil you can create comes from everyday household waste, so why not make a compost to benefit yourself and the environment? First, dig a hole 3 to 4 feet in diameter. You don’t need to remove the dirt, just make sure it is loose and pliable. Place a container outside your house that can hold all the biodegradable waste that you would typically throw away. It’s simple to make one yourself. You can buy a standard plastic garbage container. Every few days you should empty it out and rinse it with a garden hose to keep the fumes limited. Once a week, add the waste to the compost and turn it around. You may want to place a cover over your compost so the material doesn’t stray from the container. In a matter of weeks, you will have some of the best soil you can buy. It is so rewarding to create a compost in your back yard and then use the soil to fertilize your garden and other plants around the house. My wife and I are deeply inspired to dig up a corner of our back yard and give back to the earth and prevent our landfills from excess waste. Compost soil is rich in essential minerals and vitamins that will naturally fertilize plants. We plan on using the soil at the beginning of the winter to plant tomatoes (we live in Florida, so January is a good time to plant tomatoes). Backyard composting is easy and rewarding, requiring very little work. Before the winter sets in, take advantage of the warmth and get a backyard compost started today.