Herman Miller Aeron Chair
Herman Miller Aeron Chair
As a freelancer, I rely heavily on my home office. But like many work-from-homers, my “office” is actually my dining room table, or sometimes my couch, depending on what mood I’m in. I don’t mind my setup, but I have been thinking lately that some real office furniture might serve me — and my career — well. While doing some research, I came across several green furniture options that I think would be of interest both to home office types and 9-5ers.


“Recycled” office furniture can refer to furniture that’s pre-owned or to furniture that’s made from recycled and/or sustainable materials, such as bamboo, wheat straw, recycled wood fibers and non-VOC varnishes and adhesives.


Buying office furniture that’s been owned before reduces waste by extending an item’s life and keeping it out of a landfill for as long as possible. Big companies toss out gently used office chairs and desks by the thousands each year, so the opportunity to refurbish and reuse those items is significant. As for new, green office furniture, the advantages are fairly straightforward: They’re easier on the planet from the get-go. Recycled materials break down quicker and are less polluting to produce than many of the materials used in traditional office furniture manufacturing. (Look around an office the next time you get a chance — there’s an awful lot of plastic in those chairs, desks, and cubicle walls.) As an added bonus, green workspaces are often well designed, which makes them more appealing than the standard beige-on-beige look many offices go for.


Green office furniture seems to be a growth industry right now, so there’s no shortage of places to shop. Here are just a few: Sustainable products have always appealed to me, but until now, I’ve honestly never considered seeking out eco-friendly furniture. It’s a pretty intriguing concept though! I like the idea of going green with something so big and on display in my apartment, especially if it’s designed well (like a Herman Miller Aeron chair, which is both way more ergonomic than my couch and 94% recyclable). Maybe green office furniture will even help inspire my green blogging career!