1800recycling-screenshot Welcome to the new 1-800-RECYCLING.com. You’ll notice there’s a completely redone interface, designed specifically to feature our recycling locations search as well as our expanding content. This layout allows the user to easily find the closest, most convenient recycling locations for whatever the need – whether simply recycling a growing collection of plastic bags or doing some heavy spring cleaning in the garage. 1-800-RECYCLING’s search function automatically keeps track of all of the items the user is looking to recycle, making it a snap to complete bigger projects, email to a friend or print directions to multiple locations. The content is organized in such a way to encourage reading of supplemental recycling and green-living information. Grouped by topics, it’s easier than ever to find an article about recycling hazardous waste or an author’s anecdote about converting an automobile to run on veggie oil. 1-800-RECYCLING now features new content from guest authors from all walks of the green world and an ongoing interview series with the most prominent green personalities out there today. Now, more than ever, 1-800-RECYCLING is your complete online recycling location. Take a look around, read a few stories, search for recycling locations for your newest project and make sure to provide the 1-800-RECYCLING team with any feedback you may have. Thanks for stopping by!