green-first-aid-kitSome eco-friendly home products have become pretty much mainstream: recycled paper towels, chlorine-free bleach and natural dish soap. But, one thing we hardly ever think about is first aid products. In part, that’s because not many companies are marketing first aid products to the eco-friendly consumer. If you had the choice though, wouldn’t you want to green that part of your home? It might take a little research and legwork, but you can. Here are some ideas on how to get started:
  • Keep your first aid kit safe and organized in a recycled plastic container, such as this one from Office Depot.
  • Buy latex-free, recycled bandages and gauze, such as those from All Terrain. The company’s EcoGuard kids’ bandages are even made with natural, food-grade coloring.
  • You’ll probably want to keep some traditional medicines on hand, but you can also include in your kit natural remedies, which can be easier on the planet. For instance, you can buy natural antiseptic gel and insect bite cream. There are even natural, earth-friendly ways to cure that stuffy nose.
  • Reusable hot/cold gel packs are a good idea to keep on hand. These from MediTemp are hypoallergenic and nontoxic.
Of course, there are many other items that should be kept in any good home first aid kit; these products are just a start. Check out WebMD to build a comprehensive kit for your home, and see what other eco-friendly products you can find to fill it up! Looking to recycle old medications, needles or other personal health items? Use the 1-800-RECYCLING location search to find a spot near you.