Old jeans can keep you warm this winter.
Staying warm and cozy at home during the winter doesn’t start with cranking up the heat. Instead, take a look at what’s inside your walls to make sure you have the right insulation to keep your home properly heated and in tip-top energy-saving condition. Drafty old homes require constant heat and jack up heating bills because of inadequate insulation, but an upgrade can make a huge difference. One solution is to use a more earth-friendly option such as recycled denim. UltraTouch by Bonded Logic Inc. is one brand of denim insulation, containing 85% post-industrial recycled natural fibers. The denim used in UltraTouch insulation is sourced from scraps from the manufacture of blue denim jeans and leaves nothing wasted. UltraTouch’s denim insulation can be used for interior and exterior walls as well as ceilings. It is effectively used for sound absorption, meets the highest standards for fire and smoke ratings and also resists microbial growth. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, irritants or formaldehyde, and therefore has no VOC or off-gassing concerns. It also doesn’t itch like traditional insulation does, nor does it require any dust masks when installing. Bonded Logic Inc. boasts a zero-waste manufacturing process — it shreds any edge trim that does not pass quality control and returns it to the raw material supply, keeping 200 tons away from landfills each month. UltraTouch is LEED certified in optimizing energy performance; air quality performance; low-emission materials; and using recycled content, local materials and rapidly renewable cotton. The product also qualifies homeowners to earn eight different tax credits for energy efficiency.