When I was growing up in Dallas, an inch of snow was enough to close schools and offices and send people running to the grocery store for bottled water reserves. Warm boots and coats, if you had them at all, came out once or twice a year, tops. Since moving to a colder climate, I’ve had to get used to the idea of preparing for a whole season of winter weather. It hasn’t come naturally. But, given that much of the country is now in the thick of winter weather, I know it’s time to go shopping for winter clothing again. This time around, I want to make sure I buy items that are well constructed, functional and, if possible, environmentally friendly. Here are a few things that have caught my eye:
  • Nau's Blazing Jacket provides some serious warmth. Image courtesy of Nau.
    If you ever went to a rock show in the ’90s, you remember Simples. Surprisingly, the company’s still around and making some shockingly cool shoes and boots made of sustainable materials like organic cotton and water-based glues. Seriously, how warm do these look?
  • These and these North Face boots look like they’d be good for serious winter weather, and they’re partially made of recycled plastic.
  • Ooh, these Jules Elin coats are cute, and they’re made from domestically grown, organic cotton and low-impact dyes.
  • I also love this coat from ethical designer Nau. They have a selection of down coats, in fact, that have 100% recycled shells and are meant for super cold weather. As an added bonus, Nau donates 2% of every purchase to select environmental and humanitarian charities!
The holidays may have just ended, but I think I just found the first few items on my list for next year! Want to recycle some of that old clothing in the closet? 1-800-RECYCLING provides clothing recycling locations near you.