Paper or Plastic
“Paper or plastic?” the half-asleep, bored cashier asked me. “Neither,” I said, hoping to wake him up. It worked. That day, I brought my own bag to the grocery store. I have to admit that not only was my previous excuse of not having a “big enough bag” lame, but it was also simply untrue. I had the notion that bringing your own bag took more time, planning and inconvenience. That is, until I decied that sustainability was worth the extra effort. My mindset change happened right along with many consumers who simply couldn’t sleep after watching Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Several companies, spotting a consumer trend, set to work on providing eco-friendly food containers. From corn to sugar, here are some of the innovative products:

Compostable corn cups

Coffee shops have taken a public hit for being as far from eco-friendly as possible, so they have done a lot to combat it. Many coffee shops are using cups that look and feel like pastic, but are actually corn. The green stripe across the cup tells the world that that they are committed to safer disposable products. The compostable cups are just $6.99 for 50.

Biodegradable bagasse clamshells

Dubbed “the newest trend in food packaging,” traditional takeout containers have supposedly met their match with an unlikely, renewable, natural resource: sugarcane. “They won’t soak up grease and liquids, so they’re perfect for burgers, fries and other to-go food,” says. Compsoting in just 45-60 days, they work well for eco-friendly foodies everywhere. Get 500 small containers for just under $7.30.

Compostable utensils

It would be silly to suppose that that sustainability focus has only affected the containers of the food that we eat, according to, a site that focuses on everything from plates to forks. “Excellent for both hot and cold foods,” the site says. “Plan your next party with these forks in mind!” That might not be a bad idea; made from corn, the items can still be heated up to 200º — all while cutting and holding your favorite foods. Buy 1,000 utensils for just about $48. Affordable and sustainable, local food has found its match: sustainable containers at affordable prices for every food lover.