If there’s anything Hollywood is known for, it’s not conservation. Hollywood is the Mecca of the entertainment industry, representing excess, overconsumption and indulgence. Yet, in recent years, some Hollywood studios, producers and actors are pushing Hollywood to go green. This is one feat that will not happen over night, but slowly the message is reaching the ears of those who can do the most. The largest push to green Hollywood is coming from one of the largest Hollywood studios, Warner Bros. Warner Bros. is making huge strides to not only clean up its act, but also to set a standard for other studios to follow.
Warner Bros. is pioneering the entertainment world's conservation efforts.

Warner Bros. has introduced a green handbook for Hollywood called, “Going Green: An Environmental Production Handbook.” The handbook outlines how the studio is going green in its productions and it outlines simple steps for others to follow.

For example, Warner Bros. has recently given some of its largest soundstages a complete overhaul to make them more energy efficient and sustainable. In the reconstructive process, the studio was able to reuse or recycle over 92% of the previous soundstage. The reincarnated soundstage runs on 100% solar power and was built using sustainable wood, according to ABC News. According to the handbook, Warner Bros. prevents over 6,000 tons of greenhouse gases, uses a 72-kilowatt solar electrical system (the first of its kind in Hollywood) and makes recycling the forefront and focus of its efforts. Over 75% of the green handbook focuses on recycling. Here are some ways Warner Bros. is utilizing recycling as its top way of going green:
  • Recycling more than it throws away — over 60% of the waste stream
  • Recycling enough paper each year to save about 2,300 barrels of oil, 10,000 trees and million gallons of water
  • Recycling thousands of tons of paper, cardboard, beverage containers, wood, green waste, metal, film, videos, CDs, DVDs and electronic waste
  • Donating set walls, set pieces, props, draperies and costumes to local schools and community organizations through the studio’s Environmental Initiatives program
Warner Bros.’ platform is “recycle everything.” Throughout the various studios, soundstages and production facilities Warner Bros. has recycling opportunities everywhere. You’ll find containers to recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, wood, metal, movie film, paint, batteries and electronic waste. The company intentional places these containers in obvious areas with proper signage so employees and visitors alike get the message. Warner Bros. also donates its old furniture and old sets to local schools and community theaters so used items don’t end up in the county landfill. Warner Bros. is also attempting to purchases products with high levels of post-consumer content. If you want to sell to them, your products must have some percentage of recycled materials. The company uses only nontoxic cleaning products for its facilities and purchases local as often as it can. Warner Bros. also has very strict environmental standards for its company and employees. For example, one of the studio’s policies encourages employees to always research all products. If the employee finds a recycled or more eco-friendly product costs more than the conventional counterpart, Warner Bros. has a person in house to negotiate with the company to get the greener product at the same rate. Warner Bros. is tenacious in its stance on eco-living and the importance of recycling. The company’s standard is a constant reminder to the entertainment world and those that watch their productions that recycling and using eco-friendly practices is the best way to take care of our world and our health.