recycle-cds-and-dvdsCDs and DVDs have long been the go-to media storage products. They cost very little to produce but have a huge impact on the environment. The production of CDs and DVDs uses various metals, plastics and dyes that take energy and earth’s resources. However, most people don’t realize that CDs and DVDs are recyclable and reusable. Here’s how:


One of the reasons people throw their old discs in the trash is because they become worn and scratched. The good news is that if you want to hold on to your scratched discs, most of them can easily be repaired with mild abrasive materials. Give it a try — take a small amount of toothpaste or baking soda paste and apply it to the underside of the disc. Rub with a clean, smooth cloth in a circular motion until all of the residue is removed. Put in back in your player and give it a try. If you don’t want your old CDs or DVDs anymore, you can always sell them to a secondhand store that can effectively resell them. This keeps your unwanted discs out of the trash, provides you with a little extra cash and gives someone else the pleasure of the disc.


You can recycle your old CDs and DVDs. Some companies can take your old discs and turn them into useful products. According to the CD Recycling Center, your old discs can be used in:
  • automotive industry parts
  • raw materials to make plastics (discs are ground into a gravel-like substance, which is sold to companies that melt it down and convert it to plastic)
  • office equipment
  • alarm boxes and panels, streetlights and electrical cable insulation
  • jewel cases
If you have old discs that you want to recycle the first thing to do is to talk with your local CD or DVD store and see if they participate in a recycling program. Many companies willfully take your old discs and have them recycled for you at no charge. If you come up short in this venture, 1-800-RECYCLING’s recycling location search will help you find a nearby place that takes them.