Recycling in a Different WayYou know that old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Well, I think there is a new saying for the digital age: “Your trash can become your treasure.” Mine sure has, and I just found out an even better way to do it. I have become an Amazon reseller and I have been making money by “recycling” (selling) my old CDs and books. It’s not a lot of money per unit, but if you have a lot of books and CDs to sell, the pennies add up. Recycling CDs by selling on Amazon is a win-win-win. It’s good for the environment, because when someone buys a used CD they aren’t using new materials. It’s good for you, because instead of keeping old stuff around gathering dust, you can have money in your bank account while making someone else happy with your old media. How great is that? And, it’s good for everyone, because when we buy used CDs and books from each other, we help each other make money in this struggling economy. Just don’t come into the reselling business thinking it’s easy. It takes a lot of work — simple, but time-consuming work. Listing each item requires plugging in the ISBN number or other bar code number, locating the exact item you’re selling in Amazon’s database and listing any unique qualities or imperfections. Then it’s about setting the price point. On any Amazon product page, on the right where the “Add to Cart” button is, you’ll also see underneath some prices for “New” and “Used” items from Amazon resellers. If you ever happen to see books or CDs available from Green Media Consulting, that’s me! My live Grateful Dead CDs have been selling like hotcakes. I’ve also asked my friends and family for any books I can sell if they’re just collecting dust, and have been surprised at how many are willing to just give me the stuff to help them reduce clutter. In the first month, I’ve managed to clear over $500 after calculating in my costs for shipping materials. In short, CDs and books can be enjoyed actively or they can take up dust on a shelf. And, in today’s economy, why not find money wherever we can, and practice the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) at the same time? The digital world has opened up endless opportunities for everyone, including turning trash (CDs) into treasure (money) while not even losing the underlying content (music and cover art). Talk about a win-win-win.