We consult professionals about all kinds of things: career advice, tax preparation, real estate. But, one thing you may have never considered is a recycling consultant. (Yes, there is such a thing!) Believe it or not, there are people out there you can hire to help you maximize your recycling potential at home or in the office. I’m going to focus on workplace recycling consultants, because let’s face it, there is a lot of waste in the workplace. If your office is anything like the offices I’ve worked in, the volume of wasted paper alone is enough to make your stomach churn. So, here are the names of a couple of recycling consultants, along with information on how they can help your office go green. Great Forest Sustainability Solutions: Based in New York City, this “sustainability consulting and sustainability program management” company has worked with financial institutions, universities, municipalities and other organizations around the country to assess sustainability needs and challenges and develop recycling programs focused on “making recycling as easy as possible, while driving down costs associated with waste removal.” The company also has LEED-accredited professionals who can help building owners navigate the LEED-certification process. Boston Waste Solutions: This company works with a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and retail stores, to identify recycling and waste reduction opportunities and implement new solid waste management plans. It also provides detailed monthly reports showing results of the new plan. Both of these companies claim that in the end their services actually save money for their clients by streamlining waste management services and reducing waste in the first place. So, if you feel like your workplace could be a lot more sustainable, it might be worth pitching this idea to the boss — I have never met a boss who didn’t like saving money!