I’m not one to use makeup or extravagant fragrances. This is most likely because I’m a guy. Yet I do use soap, shampoo and other body hygiene products. I wanted to find a few companies that use recycled products in their packaging and encourage customers to recycle the empty product. Here is what I found.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop has deep roots in the natural bath and beauty industry. Started in the U.K. in the 1970s, this company has always produced and promoted natural beauty products. The Body Shop offers various recycled items, such as recycled cosmetic bags and recyclable product containers, and encourages customers to bring in their own bag to reduce paper usage. The Body Shop has always promoted recycling, and this year it has rolled out a 100% recycled product bottle. These plastic containers are used for hand soaps, makeup and other body products.


This is probably the best company to buy body and cosmetic products from when it comes to recycling and promoting eco-friendly principles. First, LUSH sells soap by weight, so there is no packaging. You can bring in your own container or bag to take your soap home, or you can use the store’s biodegradable plastic wrap. Secondly, LUSH’s powdered deodorant is all-natural and comes in a recycled container. You can also buy bar deodorant that comes unpackaged as well. Lastly, the products that do come in containers are either glass or recyclable plastic. LUSH retail stores gladly take any empty used containers or the tops to the containers to reuse them. Whether you’re looking for deodorant, makeup or soap, make an investment in one of these companies that are placing the recycling initiative at the forefront of their mission and values as a company. Doing business with The Body Shop and LUSH helps to promote the recycling agenda and improve the benefit for the planet and future generations.