Earh Day 2010
I have been putting a lot of thought into what to do on Earth Day this year and decided to do something to honor the earth by giving back. This year, instead of attending any Earth Day events, I decided to make it a very personal expression of my gratitude and love for the planet. To accomplish this day of mindfulness, I have planned a very special itinerary, starting with a nice, long yoga practice in my pod, under the tree where I live, and continuing on the floor of the yoga dome in my back yard, where I’ll play harmonium, and sing to nature, while listening back to the birds and squirrels playing around me. Now that sounds like a great day. I’m also going to practice more mindfulness with each choice I make throughout the whole day, starting with brushing my teeth and turning off the water, and using a washcloth and hand towel instead of countless paper towels to tidy up the shared bathroom. And, finally, I will plant something in the ground or into a pot with soil and devote some time each day to helping nurture it so it can grow. And thus, I will be closer to the earth and to the natural forces keeping us all alive. If I wanted to make more sport of the day, getting back to basics on Earth Day could be a nice challenge. I could choose to explore extremes for a day. What if I try not to use electricity all day? I wonder if that’s even possible. Can I use my iPhone if it’s already charged? I would be accessing servers plugged into other locations. I guess that wouldn’t be an electricity-free day. What about the power to water heaters in the house? Could I take a shower? I sometimes wonder if I have to live like an animal to properly honor the earth. No showers or modern conveniences, hygienic or otherwise? I don’t think so. I’m not that kind of sustainability guy, I’m not Survivorman and I’m not the no-impact man. I’m inspired by all that, but I don’t aspire to it. I’m just a regular guy who wants to do better. When it is all said and done, any of the above makes for a great Earth Day. I’m going to plant something, sing, play a musical instrument, dance and move around some. I’m going find a dog to play with. Listen to the sounds of nature. Breathe with awareness. This Earth Day is going to be the most personal and special Earth Day ever.