Earth Day the new Valentine's DayDear Earth, I feel like you’re the best girlfriend I ever had, so on this Earth Day 2010, I’ve decided to write you a love letter. My love life at times has resembled the great blues songs. Hasn’t everybody’s? I don’t know about most people, but I’ve been cheated on, lied to, betrayed, abandoned, beaten down, hurt, dismissed by all kinds of women. But never by you, Earth. You have never let me down. The book The Giving Tree comes to mind: The story of a relationship between a boy and a tree. The tree gives everything to the boy until it’s reduced to only a stump, and even then it offers itself to the boy, now a grown man, as a place to rest. You, the Earth, give everything of yourself, so that we, humankind, can live. Have I done you right or have I done you wrong? Earth, you are my best friend. You give me space to explore who I am. Shelter to rejuvenate each night. Inspiration in the form of beauty. And, when I dump my trash all over you, you take it with grace, over and over, patiently waiting for me to realize every choice I make has an impact on you. You allow me to see my actions reflected in the eyes of all living creatures. You have boundaries so vast, yet even these I have dishonored, with mindless behavior that creates waste. And, still you have waited for me. On this Earth Day 2010, here is my declaration: Earth Day is the new Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day sucks. It’s a corporate holiday created to sell chocolates and greeting cards, and it creates more stress and artificial pressure for relationships than is fair, considering relationships of the heart are difficult enough to begin with. Not to mention the blood diamonds and other sustainability nightmares marketed as love. If I were the philosopher-king, I’d banish Valentine’s Day and make Earth Day the authentic version. Earth, you are and will always be my one true love. Earth Day is my chance to show you how much you mean to me. And, I’m not going do it by drilling for diamonds or doing other meaningless stuff that will harm you. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do, but one thing is for sure: I won’t be taking anything away from you on this day. I’m going to devote my day to giving back to you. Maybe I’ll plant something. Maybe food or ground cover, but I’m going to make sure and put my hands in the soil and engage with life. That’s a good start. Creative arts are another way to directly engage in life’s abundance. So, maybe I’ll do some yoga, play some music, sing and dance, move around and remember that this body is really just a piece of the planet where I live. Earth, I’m a piece of you, and if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. I’ve forgotten this over and over again, but you’ve never turned your back on me, or any of your children. I love you, planet Earth. I’ll never buy another Valentine’s Day card again. Love, Ev