Jessica Celebrates Earth Day
It’s nice to have a day when the earth is on everyone’s mind. Just like Earth Hour, starting a conversation about the state of our planet is so much easier on these reserved days. What am I going to do for Earth Day this year? Well, for one, I will be working at a local art gallery (my part-time job). I will greet customers with a “Happy Earth Day!” One piece in the gallery, painted by Los Angeles-based artist Sasso, is titled “Green House Effect”, which can easily be a conversation piece any day, but especially on Earth Day. At the gallery, I will keep the AC off and use a fan to cool the space. This change will save about 4 kWh a day, according to Florida Power & Light Company’s energy calculator. Once I get off work, I will spend some time outside. Whether I go for a run, walk to my nearby park or cuddle up on my balcony with a book, I think the main point of Earth Day is to reconnect with the earth, and staying outside will keep my mind in the right place. I’m going to keep my computer off (yikes!) all day. According to the energy calculator, my computer uses 62 kWh of power per month. One day without my computer will save about 2 kWh. Can I survive a day without Twitter, Facebook, Hulu or 1-800-RECYCLING? Probably so, although I admit it will be difficult. I will pick up my current book club book and drift away into the story. I’m going to clean out the old clothes in my closet that I don’t wear anymore. (I have been wanting to buy new clothes, but because of money, space and guilt, I haven’t done so in a while.) Then on Saturday, April 24, I’ll walk to Miami’s Bayfront Park for the Miami Goin’ Green Earthday Festival, where I’ll participate in a citywide clothing swap. There will also be electronic recyclers at the festival, so I’ll bring my old cell phone to recycle, since it has taken up space in my drawer since February. I’m also looking forward to the festival’s seminars, particularly the Green & Local Food: Sprouts 101 talk by health counselor Rachel Katz. What are your Earth Day plans, 1-800-RECYCLING readers?