Anything from a remodeling spree to a store sale seems to merit pitching an old blender or microwave in favor of a new one. But, if these things are simply tossed, any environmental efforts are toast! Fortunately, no matter what the old appliance, there are several options when it comes to making the most of them. From passing on your trash for another treasure to getting creative, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of the many ideas.

Sell your appliances online

From eBay to Craigslist, everything from classifieds to sites focused exclusively on selling products, there are plenty of people looking for a bargain. Just remember to ask this important question: I

Recycling Starts at Home

s the item something that you could see buying? It may seem over simplified, but sometimes it is hard to see that the once-beloved blender is just too worn for anyone else to trust. With so many options for buying products, the appliance must look like it operates as well as it does.

Donate your appliances

Even if the blender isn’t quite beautiful enough to shine online, there are plenty of charitable organizations to donate to. From Goodwill for the Salvation Army, many local places will accept drop-off items. Donations are also tax deductible. Even if you don’t know where to start, additional places to donate your items and a list of their locations (including Habitat for Humanity) can help your search.

Get creative

Still don’t know what to do with that old microwave or that aforementioned blender? Don’t think about it anymore, just roll up your sleeves and make a DIY project out of them. The circular rotators in a microwave, for instance, couple make a decorative display plate with a little poster paint and some patience. The body of a blender can make a vase or candy tin using that same paint. Now that is multitasking, and pretty fun, too.

Take the appliances to a recycling center

Options are slim for certain appliances, especially large ones. Take out the guesswork by using’s recycling location search for the recycling center nearest your ZIP code. No matter which option you choose, they all reach the same end: a more sustainable future. That’s a win-win.