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Hardly any TV or movie series has inspired viewers and acquired such a loyal fan base over the decades as Star Wars. Even when it comes to recycling, Star Wars characters have inspired some amazingly creative and ingenious scrap metal sculptures. And, the best part is most of them are for sale, so if you ever wanted to own one, here’s your chance. This scrap iron sculpture of C-3PO can be found in the warehouse district of Emeryville, CA. Trucks bring in lots of scrap metal and junk daily here, and some of it gets recycled to create a true recycling gem such as this (t)rusty life-size C-3PO.

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This homemade R2-D2 was seen in a shop on Tokyo’s Nakano Broadway. It features amazing welding and attention to detail. Very cool and steampunk!

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U.S.-based company Obscure Alloy specializes in sculptures made from 100% recycled materials, especially reclaimed car parts such as bolts, screws, spark plugs, gears, chains and all kinds of scrap metal. Each sculpture is handcrafted and welded piece by piece, then polished and coated with lacquer to prevent rust. The Star Wars collection — at this time four 12-inch characters ranging in price from $60-$100 — is to die for. (In a recycling kind of sense, of course.)

Boba Fett Image via Obscure Alloy

Stormtrooper Image via Obscure Alloy

Watto Image via Obscure Alloy

Even more entrepreneurial is a Bryant Park, NY-based shop, The Metal Park, which also specializes in famous movie characters like Predators, Aliens, Terminators, Batman and Star Wars — all recreated in metal. But the shop’s sculptures are all made by 12 artists from Thailand who use scrap metal parts from local junkyards, many of them old car parts. Though this method is definitely green, the Metal Park sculptures are not cheap: Life-size Darth Vaders can cost up to $7,000. But then, we have to admit that he is especially amazing in scrap metal.

Darth Vader Image via star-wars-obsession

Yoda comes in various sizes, which range in price from $100-$200. And, he is very cute, even in metal.

Yoda Image via star-wars-obsession

All the sculptures pictured are truly ingenious and inspiring. In fact, they make us want to reach for our tool kit right now… Sources: 1, 2, 3