If you’re like me in that you have an unhealthy obsession with home renovation shows and interior design blogs, you may want to get a friend to hide your credit card before you read the rest of this post. I’m constantly fantasizing about what my “dream home” would look like, and sometimes I get on very specific kicks — like the time I went to IKEA to pick up some wine glasses but got distracted by all the pretty light fixtures and walked out with an entire apartment’s worth of new lighting. That stuff was a bit of an impulse buy, so I’m afraid I may not have put the environment at number one in my mind that day. I did buy a bunch of eco-friendly light bulbs, but it turns out that there are other ways to practice environmental conservation when shopping for lighting. Here are the four fixtures that will be at the top of my shopping list when I buy that dream home of mine.
  1. This upcycled light bulb chandelier is off the hook — and you can even make one yourself! I love how modern and minimalist it looks. (Another candidate for “craziest use of an a household product” is this chandelier made of recycled water bottles. Unfortunately, that one’s not for sale!)
  2. Also minimalist and gorgeous (and my favorite color, green) are these incredible Re-Lights made from old wine bottles. These would be stunning over a wet bar, am I right?
  3. It was hard to pick just one fixture from Eleek, a company that makes amazing 100% recycled aluminum lighting, but ultimately I decided my fantasy kitchen most needed these sexy red dollop pendants. (A close runner up was the awesomely industrial-looking starlight pendant.)
  4. The recycled and ethically sourced fixtures and lampshades created by Biome Lifestyle are also incredible — especially the hand-woven fair trade cotton and bamboo large ball lampshade. So beautiful!
This is, of course, just a small sample of what is available out there in the world of eco-friendly light fixtures, but it’s certainly enough to get my interior design juices flowing. How ’bout you?