How to Recycle Paint Whether it is a DIY project gone wrong or simply leftover paint from a room, knowing what to do with old paint can be a headache. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be; by finding out what type of paint you have and where you can turn it in, disposal becomes as easy as any other recycling job.

Latex paint vs. oil-based paints

Latex paint is recyclable. Oil-based paints are hazardous. Be on the lookout for common oil-based paint manufacturers, including Behr, Dunn-Edwards and Glidden. While reading the ingredients should reveal the contents of the paint, check the EPA website for more information on lead- and oil-based paint.

Lead- or oil-based paint

If you have lead- (most paint made prior to 1990) or oil-based paint, don’t fear — there are plenty of hazardous waste collection facilities. Find the nearest one at’s hazardous materials section of the recycling location finder. Ideally, you should have latex paint; recycled paint manufacturers (and the environment) will benefit. While latex can be a  potential risk to allergic consumers, due diligence will eliminate that problem. Remember, when released into the environment, lead makes its way into the air, soil and water, poisoning plants and polluting the air.

Latex paints: Reusing and recycling

Do you have latex paint? Several manufacturers will pick up or accept latex paints. They include Amazon Environmental, Inc.; Calibre Environmental, Ltd.; Dunn-Edwards; Eco-Peinture; Kelly-Moore Paint Co.; The Paint Recycling Company and more. Don’t worry about what happens at the center — the recyclability of latex paint is sufficiently high: The highest-quality latex paint is turned back into paint, and the rest is made into cement. If that idea doesn’t seal the deal for you, there is always the tax write-off way: Donate it. Whether it be Goodwill or an online site like Freecycle or Craigslist, plenty of people need your old paint. Or, for the creativity seekers: Paint a board or a poster over and over with old paint as an art piece. Whatever you choose, be sure to check the label prior to buying paint next time — what is in the can matters.