Blog Action Day, a yearly event for bloggers to spread awareness of important global issues, is concentrating on the topic of Water in 2010. is proud to participate in its second Blog Action Day, focusing on water reuse and conservation issues. All over the world, communities are struggling to make their local water supplies meet the increasing demand of people, agriculture and industry. Meanwhile, thousands of gallons of perfectly good water falls from the sky as rain every day, only to flow down gutters and sewers where it is wasted. Harvesting rain water is as easy as putting a bucket in your yard when it rains, but filtering it and storing it for use in your home and garden is a little bit more complicated. The Rainwater Pillow represents an innovative approach to collecting, cleaning and storing rainwater that’s easy to set up and versatile enough to help you conserve water both inside and outside your home.
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Unlike bulky barrels, the Rainwater Pillow is made from a highly durable woven polyester scrim often used by the military, and meets Potable NSF 61 and FDA guidelines, which means no VOCs or off-gassing. The flexible design makes it easy to tuck the pillow away in space that would otherwise be wasted, such as a crawlspace, greenhouse, under-deck area or under your porch. The Rainwater Pillow comes as a kit that includes the pillow, filter, pump and remote control, and is specially designed to capture sudden downpours. When rain flows down your roof and into your gutters, it is then channeled through an outdoor filter and into the pillow. When you want to use the water, all you have to do is connect a hose to the system and activate the pump using the remote control. The system’s 25-psi water pump will then provide you with 10 to 12 gallons of conserved rainwater water per minute! Learn more at For more information on water issues, visit the Blog Action Day website.