Money-Saving Halloween Inspirations
There’s a reason why Halloween has finally joined Christmas as one of the most popular holidays of the year. We’re given free license to dress up in whatever outlandish costume our imagination can conjure, knowing full well that we’ll be rewarded either with the candy mother lode or a kaching-a-ling cash prize for our efforts (sometimes even both)! Talk about being a win-win situation. Besides being fun for all ages, it also happens to be the only celebration in which we can escape from our real life for a few precious hours by diving into the role of witch, warlock or werewolf without anyone pointing, snickering or thinking that we’ve officially fallen off our rocker. This year alone, individual U.S. consumers are expected to plunk down $66.28 on Halloween-themed goods, contributing to nationwide sales of $5.8 billion, but our sluggish economy and a greater level of eco-awareness are prompting many to consider far more creative, handcrafted and instantly affordable holiday alternatives. Purchasing manufactured costumes, makeup, treats and decorations may be convenient, but they’re almost always laden with chemicals that do our environment and bodies no favors and end up finding their way into the landfill in record time. On the other hand, the following waste-free DIY Halloween ideas will enable you to proudly proclaim, “I made it myself!” while reducing your carbon footprint and leaving a little extra change jingling around in your pockets: