I’m always looking for fun crafts to do with my little girls and, if we’re recycling something while we’re creating, it’s a bonus. That’s how I found this craft.


Recycled tin cans Soy or beeswax tea light candles Pencil, crayon or permanent marker Paper and scissors (optional) Coat hanger or sturdy wire for hanging (optional) Towel and firm work surface Hammer Large nail Freezer Water


Photo by Scott Philips
Clean and dry the recycled tin cans, fill with water and freeze overnight. The ice will ensure the sides of the can don’t cave in as you drive in the nail holes. Prep your design. You can either use a paper pattern or draw a design directly on the can. When the water is frozen, you’re ready to begin. Lay a thick towel on your work surface to absorb the melting ice and to prevent the can from rolling as you work. Place the tin can on the towel. If using a paper pattern, wrap the can in the paper and tape the pattern in place. Use a hammer and a large nail to punch the holes in the outline of your design. Optional: If you want to make a hanging lantern, also punch two holes at the top, on either side of your design, to fasten a hanger. When you’re done with your design, let the remaining ice melt, then dry your lantern. To hang your lantern, cut a piece of sturdy wire, or use a portion of wire from a coat hanger, and bend it into an arched hanger shape. Bend up the ends and insert them into the two holes that you punched at the top of the can. Place a soy or beeswax tea light candle inside your lantern and step back to enjoy your beautiful new lantern. A big thank you to Go Green Blog for the recycled tin can lantern idea. Remember, if you’re not making a lantern with your used tin cans, make sure to recycle them.