During the holiday season, it’s easy to collect lots of new things and forget about the old. Old T-shirts can pile up so fast — souvenir T-shirts from various 10k races, outdated concert T-shirts, shirts that end up in your closet with no remembrance for how they showed up. There’s something special about the old and the pre-owned — something along the veins of “if these walls could talk.” Used items have a special history, a whole slew of stories and memories that a new shirt can’t compete with. SAVED is applying this idea to the clothing market, attesting that sometimes the old is better than the new, especially for the environment. SAVED, a newly launched mission by the creatively green people at Green Thing, seeks to give new life to unwanted or discarded T-shirts. Donated T-shirts are washed, hand stitched with the SAVED lettering, and then given a SAVED story. Once the process is done, SAVED T-shirts end up for sale at their Facebook shop.

Photo via SAVED

British singer Imogen Heap has donated T-shirts to the cause, so by purchasing a SAVED T-shirt you could end up with a hand-me-down from the lovely artist herself. The Green Thing founders want to change the way we think — switch our brains from a disposable mindset to a reusable, reimagined way of thinking. Find more information about sending in old T-shirts here. Also, Green Thing is tackling a Glove Love campaign that calls for lonely, single gloves across the globe and matches them with a logical pair. The program is based in the U.K., but environmentally conscious people from across the globe are encouraged to participate in the used clothing movement. Green Thing provides readers with seven easy steps to live a greener life and reduce your environmental impact, including "Walking the Walk" and "Sticking with What You’ve Got."