A Viking Pools fiberglass pool

With the threat of global warming always looming, it might behoove us all to consider investing in a swimming pool. That’s right: A nice, cool dip will provide a small bit of respite while fending off the dreaded climate change. But, in preparation of such cataclysmic events, let’s learn how to make the pools we have (or are planning to have) more eco-friendly in an attempt to mitigate that pesky global warming thing.

The pool

Previously, we examined the bio-pool, which relies on the natural filtration process of plants and organisms to make your backyard pond a clean and green oasis. However, it seems that there are other options to creating a more sustainable swimming environment while sticking to the more traditional pool setup. Viking Pools is one such company that is taking the traditional idea of the personal pool to a new age, eco-friendly level. This company uses smooth fiberglass construction for its pools, which results in both lower chemical usage and lower energy consumption. Here’s how:
“Fiberglass pools in general act as a natural insulator. Your filter and heater will potentially run dramatically less than equipment on vinyl/gunite pools. Depending on the climate and size of the pool, a homeowner can save up to $225 per month on their pool maintenance with our pools. “Fiberglass pools do not rely on steel panels or steel mesh/rebar for structure, they do not have the potential to leach chemicals and rust back into the groundwater as a more conventional constructed pool would.
“Due to the non-porous finish of our pools, fewer chemicals are needed because algae is less prone to attach to smoother surfaces. Additionally, less cleaning will have to be performed using automatic pool cleaners saving electricity.”

The chemicals

Other companies are realizing that the traditional chemicals used to keep a pool clean can have some pretty negative effects — not only on the environment, but also on people. A New York Times article outlines a few health hazards of a pool’s regular heavy chemicals like chlorine and bromine. Nature 2 is company that offers a line of natural mineral sanitizers for pools and spas. If you’re tired of getting those red, scratchy eyes after being in a pool too long, or that industrial chemical smell that comes from relaxing in a hot tub, then Nature 2 products might be just what you’re looking for. According to this article, Nature 2 offers the Express, which is “a quick, affordable and eco-friendly sanitizer that uses the mineral elements of silver and copper, with a very small amount of pool chlorine, to inhibit bacteria and eliminate contaminants.” Supposedly, small doses of silver are used to kill bacteria and trace amounts of copper help fight away nasty pool algae.

The shopping

If neither Viking Pools nor Nature 2 offers the nature-saving product you are looking for in your back yard, check out Poolandspa.com’s sustainable section. This is the largest forum to find whatever dusty, squirty or floaty product you might require to keep your pool clean, clear and ready to provide cooling when the ice caps melt.