Do you have a pet lover in your life that you’re going to be shopping for this holiday season? Instead of getting overwhelmed by all of the products that are out there for pets, focus your buying on eco-friendly items that a pet lover can get the most out of. From reusable toys to eco-designed essentials, there are plenty of green pet gifts that won’t put you in the doghouse this year.
Catty Stacks designer cat climber
Shopping for a pet lover can be fun, and one way to make sure your friend’s dog or cat will be entertained this year is to buy an interactive toy. For canines that love to chew, get them a Bottle Buddy Dog Toy. This item is available in “cow” or “pig,” and it’s a fabric outer layer that turns used water bottles into a crunchy chew toy. Cats will love West Paw Design’s Eco Plush Toys in fish and flower shapes that contain USDA certified organic catnip and are made from 85% recycled Intelliloft fibers (post-consumer recycled plastic bottles). Pet essentials are thoughtful gifts as well, especially if your friend has recently adopted a pet. There are a variety of pet beds available, but look for ones filled with sustainable materials. The Plush Bumper Eco-friendly dog bed is suitable for cats and dogs and is filled with material made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Cats love boxes and things that they can hide and squeeze into, so instead of a bed, buy a frisky feline lover in your life a designer cat climber. Catty Stacks can be stacked together and are made from recycled industrial-strength cardboard. For cheaper items, consider bamboo pet collars, sustainably designed water and food dishes, organic pet shampoo or natural treats. There is a range of eco-friendly pet products out there, and you can treat the pet lover in your life to one eco-friendly item or arrange a basket of goodies for more enjoyment.