Electric vehicles are becoming a popular eco-friendly option, but before jumping on the electric bandwagon, you have to figure out how you’re going to dispose of your current car. Whether your car has reached the end of its life or it’s still going strong, there are some efficient ways to deal with used vehicles.

Sell or donate

Saying goodbye to your loyal road companion might be difficult when you’re in the midst of buying new, but you need to put that sentimentality aside for the greater good. Selling your vehicle and donating it to a charity are two options for dealing with your faithful friend.

vehicle recycling

In both scenarios, your car will get more use, which is important if it doesn’t have many miles on it. You need to be the owner and have the title of the car to donate or sell. Just be sure to research the credibility of any charity and also educate yourself about state laws on selling a used car, because you don’t want to be caught in a scam or sued for liability.

Scrap or recycle

It might frighten you to think of turning your automobile over to a junkyard, but all of its viable pieces will either be reused or recycled. The steel, tires and other parts can have a new life, so this is better than simply abandoning the car entirely. However, before scrapping your car, make sure that the yard is licensed and also get a Certificate of Destruction before you leave your car in the junkyard’s hands. Another step worth taking prior to bidding farewell to your car is to remove non-metal parts that you might be able to reuse or sell online. For example, the windshield fluid, air filter and spark plugs are items you might want to keep for yourself to make money on or have on hand for your next mode of transportation.

Trade-in or takeback

When buying new, it can be in your best interest to have a trade-in. Depending on the condition of your car, you can get a good amount of money toward the down payment of a new ride. By trading in the car, it becomes the dealership’s responsibility to resell. Another option is takeback programs that some manufacturers offer. Since 2005, Chrysler has implemented a takeback of end-of-life vehicles in the U.K.. In other words, if your Chrysler is no longer in running condition, you can give it back to the company so it can reclaim recyclable parts. Before buying a shiny new car, remember to deal with your existing vehicle first. Regardless of whether your current car has low mileage or is on its last leg, there are eco-friendly and convenient disposal options. So, prove your environmental responsibility before dumping old technology for newer models.