Green New Year’s Eve PartyIf you’re in charge of the New Year’s Eve party this year, ring in the New Year with a nod to the environment. Hosting a green New Year’s Eve party is a great way to introduce the go-green concept to less eco-conscious friends and family. While there are many ways that you can host a green party, these five tips will get you started off on the right foot.

Electronic invitations

I’m sure that Molly Manners might disagree with me, but the first step in planning a green New Year’s Eve party is skipping the paper invitations. An electronic invitation is a great way to get the message out and you can either use an existing service like Evite or make up your own with a graphic design program.  

Organic food

No New Year’s Eve party is complete without a vast selection of food and drink. Organic foods are so popular these days that you can find just about anything you need at your local grocer. Organic cheese and crackers, organic or locally grown veggies and free-range chicken for kabobs are just the start. With a little pre-planning you can find organic, fair trade, locally grown or other eco-friendly alternatives to your traditional New Year’s Eve fare.

Organic drinks

Whether you’re throwing an adults-only get-together or family-friendly party, it is easy to find organic beverages — organic cider or juice for the kiddos and organic wine and champagne for the grownups. If you’re more of a mixed-beverage person you can pick up organic spirits and mixers instead.

Reusable dinnerware

Although the thought of throwing away all of the plates, napkins and cups at the end of the party may sound ideal, it is far from eco-friendly. Skip the plastic cups and plates and use glass instead. Forego the New Year’s Eve-themed paper napkins in favor of cloth napkins. After the party, load up the dishwasher, put a load of laundry in and rest easy knowing that you aren’t shipping a garbage bag full of waste to the local landfill.

Eco-conscious New Year’s resolutions

What better way to cap off your green New Year’s Eve party than with an eco-conscious New Year’s resolution? Get the New Year started off right by sharing your personal green resolution during a toast and then encourage your guests to do the same. If you’re throwing an eco-friendly New Year’s Eve party, what green tip can you share with others?