Guys can be easy to shop for when you know their interests or hobbies. However, there are some functional gift options out there that are great for any guy. So, put your thinking cap aside and try these eco-friendly yet manly presents out this holiday season. Many guys are gadget and technology geeks whether they admit it or not. Who doesn’t have a cell phone or want the newest model available? At ReCellular, you can find the perfect recycled cell phones that have been refurbished. If you really want to make their holiday special, treat them to the ultimate gift: a new laptop. Apple’s line of green MacBook Pros are arsenic-, mercury- and PVC-free and meet the Energy Star Version 5.0 requirements. Instead of appealing to their needs, you can appeal to their wants and set up the ultimate home entertainment system. Surprise him with an energy-efficient LCD flat-screen television and a sustainably designed television stand this year. Or, target his hobbies and passions with eco-friendly accessories such as Nike’s recycled golf balls. Other options that the guy in your life might find helpful include a can crusher, recycling bag organizer, reusable coffee mug or reusable water bottle. These are some practical products in various price ranges that can help him save time and reduce his footprint on the planet.