As the New Year begins to unravel, many folks will start eying a tropical vacation with eager anticipation to get through the winter months. This year, why not treat yourself and the planet with a vacation centered on eco-tourism while still garnering much-needed time away from the cubicle? Since early January also coincides with new promises of personal betterment, why not combine this year’s annual resolutions, the need for a warm-weathered getaway and goals of achieving a more eco-friendly way of life? Don’t know where to start? No problem. ecoDestinations is a worldly tool to help even the most skeptical traveler discover, learn and book a travel experience that refreshes the body and mind and doesn’t harm the environment. Started in 1989 “as the world’s first international non-profit dedicated to eco-tourism as a tool for conservation and sustainable development,” ecoDestinations works to promote a type of travel that results in the conservation of the environment and also improves the well-being of local populations. And don’t think that there are only a handful of locations to choose from, or that hugging trees is a mandatory part of the itinerary. ecoDestinations showcases an impressive array of sustainable travel choices: Estonia, Mexico, India, Peru, The Caribbean, Brazil, the Western U.S., the U.K. and Costa Rica are all viable eco-friendly adventures. In fact, ecoDestinations even offers themes to choose from for your next escape from winter. If you can’t decide the exact place you’d most like to visit, perhaps it is easier choosing between “Mountain Destinations & Eco-Adventure Experiences” or “ Beaches, Marine & Coastal Ecotourism Experiences”. ecoDestinations appears to have a trip for every traveler type! To learn more, visit to plan this year’s travels now.