Paperless BillsWhat if you could pay the majority of your bills online at one convenient place? My Check Free is a payment service that allows you to receive paperless statements and to make check-free payments to several different billers from brand name stores, to gas, electric and phone companies. Customizing your online payment center can help you make payments on time, and it also enables you to reduce your yearly paper consumption. My Check Free is a neat online payment center that finds your statements and brings them to you in one place. All you have to do is enroll, and Scout, My Check Free’s loyal Golden Retriever, will fetch your e-bills for free! Fiserve gives you its CheckFree Guarantee, so you can pay bills without worrying about identity theft and late payments. What bills can you pay through this service? Once you consult the listing of e-bills currently available, you will be surprised how many you can sign up to receive. Some major retailers include Macy’s, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Bloomingdale’s and Lowe’s. In addition, you can receive e-bills for some gas, electric, credit card and insurance companies like American Express, AT&T, Armstrong Cable, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Citizens Gas, City of Sacramento Utility, Comcast Cable, Ohio Casualty and many more. You can even make emergency payments to some billers to avoid late fees and other monetary consequences. By paying your store credit cards, bank credit cards and utilities (gas, electric, cable and phone), you can save an extraordinary amount of paper. For each of these bills, you receive 12 statements a year and write 12 checks annually, but you can end this unnecessary paper consumption and join the eco-friendly future of e-bills and check-free payments.