Have you ever wondered at the origins of the materials that beautifully form that gorgeous ring or necklace you adore? Only recently have people begun to question the sustainability of their jewelry. We know we should be recycling our bottles and newspaper, but what about our gold? If not done with care and safety, mining can be extremely harmful to both the environment and the people within that environment.
Ruff & Cut's silver morganite ring
One company that cares about treating the land and people with respect is Ruff & Cut. The Ruff & Cut name refers to the mix of both rough and cut diamonds used in the designs. The company’s founder, Wade Watson, had a shift in his life’s purpose when he lost brother-in-law in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He realized he needed to use business to make a positive global impact, and he’s done that with his socially responsible jewelry company. Partnering with several designers to create a diverse collection, Ruff & Cut focuses on quality design as well as responsible and transparent sourcing and manufacturing. The company incorporates sustainable techniques in all aspects of its production process, including using recycled materials and socially responsible mining. All of the gold and silver is 100% certified recycled and the designers incorporate rough diamonds because they are a more sustainable diamond than polished stones. They require fewer steps in production and require less resources to achieve the final product. Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by a certificate of specific origin, printed on recycled paper. Not only does the company use sustainable techniques, but it also actively reinvests 10% from each sale and a portion of company profits into nonprofit organizations that work to improve conditions in the lives and lands of the people in African mining communities, especially those of women and children. If you’re in the market for an exquisite and ethical piece of jewelry, take a look at Ruff & Cut’s collection page.