green heart recyclingIt’s easy to go overboard when you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day as a couple. Between the extravagant dinner, new outfits for the occasion and extra special gifts, you can go broke and create a bunch of waste and pollution just in order to show your love on this holiday. Instead of focusing on you and your significant other, share your love with the planet by planning more eco-friendly lovebird activities. One way to spend time together and enjoy the great outdoors is to garden and plant trees and flowers. Work together to make your back yard more sustainable for local wildlife by planting shrubs and trees, flowers rich in nectar and berry bushes. If your back yard is already green, work with another couple to improve their yard, the community or your neighborhood. Contact a local park to see how you can get involved in greenscaping. The more couples that get involved, the more fun it can be, and you will be able to show others how easy it is to give love back to the earth. Of course, a delicious dinner will be in store after a long day in the dirt, so plan to have a relaxing meal together. You can set up a romantic picnic in the grass or on the patio or deck, and then enjoy the stars while you eat dessert. All you need is a blanket and a few pillows, and you can take the goodies outside. If you’re not up to preparing dinner and washing dishes, find a restaurant that is within walking or biking distance. Instead of fighting traffic and wasting gas, you can take your time and reminisce on the way to the restaurant. There is a lot of pressure on the gift during Valentine’s Day, but it’s more about the meaning behind the gift rather than the actual gift. So, surprise your significant other with a thoughtful and compassionate gesture. Have you ever adopted wildlife for someone you love? The World Wildlife Fund and National Wildlife Federation have more than 100 species that need your help. For him, adopt a great white shark, eagle, gorilla or emperor penguin. For her, consider adopting a cheetah, sea turtle, giraffe or tarsier. Try to adopt your special someone’s favorite animal and surprise him or her! Make Valentine’s Day this year spectacular by spreading your love around. Your valentine will love to see your soft side, and if he or she is an eco-conscious individual, your sustainable efforts will make him or her melt.