seed paper recycleOn Valentine’s Day, approximately 190 million cards are exchanged, according to the Greeting Card Association, which makes it the second most popular card-buying holiday after Christmas. In 2009, the U.S. National Retail Federation survey found that Americans spent about $102 on Valentine’s Day gifts, meals and entertainment. Between cards and the wrapping paper used to conceal these expensive Valentine’s Day gifts, paper adds up fast on this holiday. Along with sending your love, why not plant your love as well? Instead of traditional cards and wrapping paper, fall in love with seed paper cards and wrapping paper. These products serve the same purpose as the traditional ones, but they give you more eco-bang for your buck. The Green Ecostore has a Valentine’s Day Plantable Card, which is made from seed paper that grows North American wildflowers. These cards are made from post-consumer waste so no trees are cut down in the process, and they’re also handmade. After your special someone reads the card, he/she can plant it and enjoy the resulting wildflowers for months to come. With Little Kay Gardens’ Flowering Gift Wrap, you can decorate your gifts with 100% recycled plantable seeded paper. The set comes with four large 24’’ x 36’’ sheets, which is enough to wrap eight shirt boxes, or you can use the seeded paper as tissue paper in bags and boxes. The set also includes six gift cards and instructions so gift receivers will know how to plant their wrapping paper properly. Your loved one will appreciate the variety of wildflowers (corn poppy, Red coreopsis, Plain coreopsis, Black-eyed Susan and baby snapdragon). Impress your Valentine this year by extending the life of your gift, and show off the nature lover inside you with seeded greeting cards and wrapping paper — the earth will love you back for it.