Approximately one-third of your life is spent asleep in your bed. According to the Better Sleep Council, your mattress has the potential either to encourage sleep or rob you of it. If you’re tossing and turning all night, or waking up grumpy and feeling off your game, it could be caused by the mattress you’re sleeping on. Research has shown that many conventional mattresses have been found to contain toxic flame retardants called PBDEs — chemical cousins of carcinogenic PCBs that can aggravate allergies and result in increased health risk.

Lifekind's Traditional Organic Innerspring Mattress. Photo courtesy of Lifekind.
If you want to have both a sound and healthy night’s sleep, here are some of the best organic and nontoxic mattresses to consider:
  1. Savvy Rest — These organic mattresses are made of natural latex rubber, certified organic wool and certified organic cotton. The Savvy Rest bedding line includes organic crib mattresses, mattress toppers, sheets, mattress pads and pillows.
  2. Tufted Organic Innerspring Mattress by Sleeptek — You’ll find a lot of natural mattresses are foam or rubber only, which can seem unsupportive for some sleepers. This tufted organic innerspring mattress employs traditional Bonnell-style coils as a core, surrounded with layers of pure organic wool that, with extra tufting, achieve a truly firm mattress. The 14-gauge coils have not been treated with any oils or chemicals.
  3. Lifekind Natural Mattresses — Not only are these mattresses made with certified raw materials (organic cotton, Naturally Safer wool and 100% natural rubber latex), but they are also third-party certified from source to finished product. No other company making organic or natural mattresses can make this claim. Lifekind’s line also includes bedding, pillows, organic mattress pads, organic crib mattresses and baby products.
  4. NaturaPedic Mattress — The NaturePedic collection by NaturaWorld allows you to satisfy your desire for memory foam without sacrificing environmental ideals. These mattresses use the natural contouring ability of plant-based memory foam to echo your unique curves while delivering weightless comfort. NaturaPedic also offers organic cotton blend ticking, cozy NaturaWool and all-natural Dunlop latex.
  5. Abundant Earth Organic Futon — If you like to live light, or still call your dorm room home, you should know that owning a futon should mean exposure to harmful materials. This futon uses only 100% organic cotton batting and fabric, and is available in a range of sizes.