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On April 1, 2011, the NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act was enacted. This landmark legislation requires technology manufacturers to offer New York state consumers a free system for the collection, handling and recycling or reuse of electronic waste. Most e-waste recycling programs break down used electronics to their most basic and valuable components so they can be marketed back to manufacturers as raw ingredients. Although it’s better than sending them to the landfill, this type of recycling process is long and energy intensive. Instead of melting them down, Bronx, NY-based nonprofit Per Scholas is on a mission to recycle and recondition functioning computer devices so that they can then be distributed to the low-income community at the lowest possible price. Per Scholas collects computer devices from consumers and companies across the country. Since its inception in 1995, the program has brought $96 million in annual wages into the community and recycled 1 million tons of computer equipment. Computer donations to Per Scholas have connected more than 80,000 residents to home computers and trained 3,000 low-income adults to obtain high-wage jobs in the technology sector. Under the new e-waste law, Per Scholas will also be registered as an Electronic Waste Consolidation and Electronic Waste Recycling Facility and will work directly with manufacturers of covered electronic equipment, such as computers and laptops, to maximize its recycling and repurposing capabilities and the benefit of the community. “Per Scholas is proud to be working with some of New York’s largest companies, handling the recycling, reconditioning and redistribution of their outdated devices,” says Damien Howard, Vice President of Business Development at Per Scholas. “We help the companies as much as they help the community by helping them to dispose of their retired technology in an environmentally conscious manner while being mindful of their overall organizational objectives.” If you or your company is interested in working with Per Scholas to eliminate e-waste and improve the lives of thousands of low-income families, visit the company’s website or contact by phone at 1-800-877-4068.