Ismail Oyekan
Ismail Oyekan returns to “Green is Good” having launched a new e-waste trade publication, Electronic Waste Journal. Oyekan started the publication, which debuted this spring, as part of his quest to further his e-waste knowledge. He previously spoke on the show in 2010 about the International Electronics Recycling Conference and Expo (held next on May 25-27, 2011 in Las Vegas), which he founded in 2009. Oyekan stresses that the EWJ readership is not simply electronics manufactures, but also e-waste recyclers, electronics resellers, policymakers and informed consumers. “There are always new developments [in the e-waste industry], so content has not been a problem,” Oyekan says of the EWJ. “We really want to be a collaborative voice and effort of the industry, so we’re asking people who have a perspective, an idea or a product that they want to showcase to utilize the journal as a platform.”
Eduardo Sciammarella
Eduardo Sciammarella is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of With a background in design and consumer electronics, Sciammarella took to a startup incubation program last year and found a void: daily deals for the greenspace. Simply put, is the Groupon for greenies. Sign up, and a daily email offering green-related deals and discounts will drop in your inbox. Though based solely in Los Angeles for now, many of the deals are for online merchants, so Sciammarella encourages listeners to sign up. Expansion into other markets is currently being mapped out. “It’s easy to start a daily deal site and get it going,” Sciammarella admits. “But behind the scenes, there are a lot of operations that need to go smoothly. We’ve been looking at this space for a long time. We believe we have the formula down, and that’s how we can expand into other areas.” Podcast: Play in new window | Download (48.7MB)