The Giampaolo Group of Companies, which had previously owned a significant share of GEEP Holdings, recently announced that it has acquired the balance of GEEP shares. GEEP is a leading service provider in the end-of-life management of electric electronic equipment and with this consolidation of ownership, GEEP will be furnished with the resources to continue its growth plan. GEEP is one of the largest, most technologically advanced, integrated, e-waste asset management companies in the world. With proprietary software and equipment and a strict adherence to ISO and R2 standards, GEEP recycles electronic waste into commodities with a zero landfill objective. GEEP is a global company, headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Currently, GEEP has 14 locations in Canada, United States, Costa Rica and Europe with affiliations in Asia and Mexico. “GEEP has always been an important part of our business model and now we will see it as a way to grow our business, both by product/service offering and geographical locations,” says Joe Caruso, CEO of the Giampaolo Group of Companies. The Giampaolo Group of Companies is a fully integrated metal management company featuring Triple M, one of North America’s largest ferrous and non ferrous metals recycling operation; Venture Steel, a steel service business; and Matalco, Canada’s largest aluminum remelt plants, which produces high quality billets. The company is privately held with sales in excess of $1.5 billion and now over 1,350 employees in three countries. Source: Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine