Nearly a year ago, the snack-happy cracker-maker, Triscuit, burst onto the green scene with its adoption and promotion of the household farm as detailed on Nearly 365 days later, Triscuit has continued to push for fresh thinking by further improving its homegrown movement (literally) in the social media realm. Found at, users can put their Facebooking and Twittering skills to good use when merging the body of knowledge only found on social media with the once again popular practice of growing and tending vegetables in your own back yard, balcony or kitchen. How exactly does this website help, say, the inexperienced and wannabe home farmer? Great question! Triscuit’s online farming forum aids and “empowers novice and experienced home farmers to share, ask and answer questions about how to grow” the finest, freshest fruits and vegetables mere feet from where they’re eaten! According to a Triscuit representative:
Gardeners can do everything from create a profile (to share successes with the website’s community and their social networks) to uploading photos fresh from their home farm! The site allows them to track the progress of more than 27 types of herbs and vegetables.
But the fun and the learning doesn’t stop there. illustrates ways for everyone — even those with the slightest green thumb — to get involved. Sage wisdom is bestowed upon viewers from HGTV’s “The Gardner Guy” Paul James in “how-to” videos for beginners to seasoned veggie growers. Triscuit also teamed up with the Detroit-based nonprofit Urban Farming to design and create 65 home farms for communities in 20 cities throughout the U.S. In fact, to serve as a catalyst for the reluctant home farmer to roll up his or her sleeves and start planting, the cracker gurus are attaching plantable basil and dill seed cards to 8 million boxes of Triscuit snacks. This is double the amount of seed cards given away last year. Move over, Cracker Jacks, it seems the Original and Reduced Fat Triscuit batches will be the boxes in which greenies will be finding their prizes! And, even if these tools and starter kits aren’t enough to inspire some to get growing, perhaps the celebration of Home Farming Day on April 12 spurred the laggards to enjoy some spring weather and start making a difference. After all, it only takes a few individuals with great ideas (and maybe a few good-looking produce baskets) to effectively alter their community.  Events celebrated in New York, Los Angeles and Tampa, FL, made a big show of small farming with taste tests and groundbreaking activities. Help Triscuit further its sustainability and healthful efforts this spring by visiting to get some free seeds with a healthy snack and participate in home farming in your own way. After all, can you even name another major company that’s doing so much to better the planet one back yard at a time?