Recycle Old Bathroom Towels
There are few things as comforting as wrapping up in a soft, fluffy bath towel after a hot shower. But, just like sheets, curtains and blankets, bath towels will eventually become frayed and worn. Instead of tossing them in the trashcan or rag bag, here are some creative ways to recycle those old bathroom towels into new, useful items.
  1. Donate them to a local animal shelter. Animal rescues will use old towels, washcloths and sheets for lining pet cages, cleaning up messes, drying off wet dogs, providing warm bedding and covering kennel doors when pets need a break from the light. Most shelters are underserved in this area, so any donations are greatly appreciated.
  2. Make a dog toy. You can cut larger bath towels into 5-inch-wide strips lengthwise and braid them or tie knots along the length of the towel close together. Your dog will love chewing on and playing tug-of-war with this thrifty toy!
  3. Make your own dishtowels. By simply cutting larger bath towels down to size and quickly hemming the edges, you’ll give them a second life as hand and dish towels in the kitchen.
  4. Create a bath mitt for baby bath time. Who wants to spend $10 for a special baby wash cloth when you can easily make one from worn-out bath towels. Simply fold the towel in half and trace around the shape of your hand with a permanent market (be sure to trace around the fingers as a group and the thumb alone, like a mitten). Then cut out the two shapes and sew together around the edges. Turn inside out, and you have a perfect bath mitt!
  5. Upcycle them into coasters. This is a project especially suited for old washcloths, but you can use towels, too. Simply use a cup for a circular pattern and cut out the shapes. Then use pinking shears to keep the edges from fraying, or hem them using a whip stitch. Leave them on your coffee table as protection from hot or sweaty drinks!