Celebrating 41 Years of Earth Day.
Youngstown, OH, was named after John Young, who purchased the land which became the city in 1797. By the following year, the area between the Mahoning River and the lush Mill Creek Park had become home to many families. This city owed its growth to industrialization and was well recognized for its iron and steel production. The Mahoning River was lined with steel mills, and the water from the river was used for the cooling process, which was detrimental to aquatic life. While Youngstown has a polluted past, it’s celebrating 41 years of Earth Day celebrations in 2011. The Solid Waste Management District (SWMD), aka the Green Team, provides eco-friendly solutions for the area of Mahoning County, and it was created in 1988 after House Bill 592 passed. In honor of Earth Day, the Green Team has devised a schedule of collections and drives for Mahoning County residents throughout the year, particularly in April and May. From recycling your telephone book, to household appliances, there is a recycling date especially for your needs. So far, the Green Team has kicked off celebrations with an AT&T phone book contest and a spring compost seminar. Now more residents are trained on composting and even equipped with a backyard compost bin! The Green Team will join forces with Youngstown State University on Earth Day to raise awareness about recycling with information for college students outside YSU’s Kilcawley Center. There will even be a tire recycling drive at the Covelli Centre, a multipurpose arena in downtown Youngstown, on Saturday, April 30. The first 10 passenger tires are free, but tires with rims will cost $1.50 to recycle. Later in May, local high schools will get a dose of the three Rs (reuse, reduce and recycle), and this month kicks off with a “Get Caught Recycling Curbside” promotion. Youngstown may no longer be well recognized for its iron and steel production, but it has been carving out a new eco-friendly image for itself in honor of Earth Day.